Apartamenty Strzelecka 34

Apartamenty Strzelecka 34



Strzelecka 34 Apartments are the culmination of passion for history and tradition 7th Greater Poland Mounted Rifle Regiment. We offer unique, stylishly decorated interiors, inspired by Polish historical figures. In addition, we provide access to a relaxing spa area, a picturesque garden and a cozy fireplace room. Enjoy luxury, comfort and an unforgettable atmosphere during your stay in Poznań.

Welcome to Poznań

Welcome to Poznań, where history and the comfort of our apartments come together. Located on the picturesque, historic Strzelecka Street, our apartments capture the spirit of the great Poles, combining tradition with modernity. Right next to the city's heart, yet away from the hustle and bustle, we offer a unique atmosphere that will transport you back in time to the era of Poland's famous historical figures. Discover the beauty of Poznań, drawing from its rich history, while luxuriating in the comfort of our superior interiors. Embark on a mesmerizing trip tracing the legacy of great Poles on Strzelecka Street.